BMW to Offer Factory Performance Parts

The after-market BMW parts market is filled with manufacturers claiming their equipment can squeeze more performance out of the cars then BMW can. Well, now BMW will be selling its own factory performance parts. All of the parts meet the same quality regulations as standard parts. Best of all, the upgraded equipment won’t effect the original car’s warranty.

Currently, there are only parts available for the Z4 and 3-series. Most of the good stuff is only for the last generation 3. But oh, how good it is. A performance exhaust claims to give five additional horsepower and lower weight by 8.8 pounds. A performance engine kit for the 330 adds ten horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque. Other available pieces include a shift kit, suspension pieces, drilled brake rotors, air intake, and new wheels.

There are surely many BMW fanatics who will empty their wallets for these goodies, but are these parts worth the premium BMW will surely charge over similar equipment from other companies? Sure, if you want to keep your warranty. But since most of the modified cars will already be out of warranty, it will come down to how much customers love BMW. For lots of people out there, that’s quite a bit.

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