BMW May Build Electric Minis for California

Is an electric Mini destined to be California-bound?; According to a few sources close to the BMW brand, that may be the case.

In an attempt to meet California’s demands for zero-emission vehicles, BMW’s reportedly preparing a batch of all-electric Minis for the state.; The program may be the first fruit of BMW’s Project I, a corporate initiative to develop low-emission city cars.

Reports indicate the electric Minis will be built on the car’s assembly line in Oxford, England, albeit devoid of powertrain.; From England, the engine-less cars will then be shipped to Munich, Germany, where BMW engineers will install electric drive components.

Although BMW reportedly won’t comment on electric car programs until later this year, it’s rumored that only a handful – around 500 examples – will be built.; Slated to sport silver bodies and yellow roofs, 490 of the electric Minis will be leased to customers in California, while BMW will retain 10 for demonstration and publicity purposes.

Source: Automotive News