BMW May Bring Turbo Four Cylinder to US – Waiting for Election to Decide

There are several important issues to consider in this year’s presidential election – the war, the economy, the environment. As if that were not enough, here is one more weighty concern: BMW says it is developing a new, turbocharged four-cylinder engine but is waiting for the outcome of U.S. elections to decide whether to bring it here.

The new engine will be turbocharged and provide better efficiency and acceleration than the company’s current normally aspirated inline-six, said Jim O’Donnell, president of BMW North America. The engine will be coming to European markets in the near future, but BMW is holding off on the United States. Why? BMW wants to gauge how tight future fuel efficiency standards will be in the United States, and it thinks much of that depends on who becomes the next president.

O’Donell also promoted the company’s diesel engines, and expressed hope that they may yet find a major audience on our shores. His rhetoric closely matches that of fellow German manufacturers Volkswagen and Mercedes, both of which have been touting their latest cleanest diesel technologies as an answer to our fuel economy woes.

Source: BusinessWeek