BMW F1 Mechanic Shocked By Hybrid System

The inclusion of a mild-hybrid system in 2009 Formula One cars may be of interest to the general public, but it poses numerous safety issues for drivers, teams, and officials.; A mechanic on the BMW Sauber team discovered that the hard way today, when he was shocked by an F1 car.

The BMW team was testing at the Spanish Jerez circuit, with Christian Klien driving a prototype 2009-season car.; After Klien pulled into the pits, crew members approached the car, but the first person to lay a hand on it was quickly dropped by an electric shock.

BMW says the mechanic was rushed to the track’s medical center, where he was treated for ‘slight’ injuries to his left hand.; Having been cleared by doctors, he has returned to the team, but BMW has yet to allow the car to return to the track.

This isn’t the first issue that the mandated Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS, has posed to F1 teams.; Team Red Bull Racing evacuated their garage last week after a battery bench test went awry.

Source: Autosport