BMW and Mini to get Full iOS 4 iPhone and iPod Integration

Many vehicles allow you to operate your iPhone or iPod through the in-car entertainment system, but the all new operating system just launched with the new iPhone could throw a wrench in the works. Thanks to a feature called iPod Out, though, BMW is ahead of the curve and keeping you fully connected to your gadgets while behind the wheel.

iPod Out mode is a special feature designed into iOS 4 that allows your iPod or iPhone to fully integrate with an outside system, in this case your BMW or Mini’s entertainment system. BMW has updated their user interface software to take advantage of this feature and allow you to fully control the music playback features of your iPhone or iPod through the car’s controls and the in-dash screen.

Once connected, a classic iPod user interface will display on the vehicle’s screen so you can control the device. More than just a simply playback program, the system will allow you to control advanced features such as custom playlists and the Genius program, which automatically creates playlists of compatible songs from your library, all through the vehicle’s controls rather than through the device itself.

BMW promises that it will continue to update the interfacing and integration software for both BMW and Mini products through their BMW ConnectedDrive and Mini Connected programs, which seek new ways to increase entertainment and interaction options without increasing driver distraction.

Source: BMW