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2007 BMW 328i and 335i Sedans

Yes, you read that right. Only a couple years after their debut, BMW‘s 325i and 330i four-door sedans are slipping out the door with nary a wave goodbye. Taking their place are the 328i and 335i four-doors-powered by a 220-hp, normally-aspirated 3.0-liter six and a 300-hp, twin-turbocharged six, respectively. The 328i engine is essentially a differently-tuned version of the 325i/330i’s six-cylinder, while the 335i sedan’s engine is identical to the one found in the just-released 335i coupe.

Confusing? A little, yes, but it doesn’t matter, because we only care about one thing: the 335i, in either sedan or coupe form, hauls some serious ass. Early test results indicate a 0-60 mph time of 4.8 seconds for the four-door, and a 0-100 mph time of only 11.8 seconds. This is a car that can haul five people and their luggage, exhibits none of the typical turbo-motor histrionics, and provides one of the most rewarding driving experiences this side of a purebred sports car.

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