Blasphemy? Mansory Gives its Modified Veyron the Gold Treatment

There is not muchelse to be done tomodified and kittedBugatti Veryon putting out over 1100 horsepower. But leave it to the original producers of such a vehicle — called the Linea Vincero– to fine some things to tweak. Instead of adding maybe a few more turbos, bigger intercoolers, racing buckets, or crazier body lines, Swiss tuner Mansory has painted parts of their cool, all-carbon fiber Vincero bright gold. Yup, bright gold.

Why? We don’t really know. And be sure to call it Linea Vincero d’Oro. According to Mansory, the ensemble places the “crowning glory on the art of refinement.” Uh huh.

The Vincero treatment by itself adds new “turbine” wheels; carbon fiber front and rear facias, side skirts; a stylized grille; and LED front daytime running lights. Thanks to a new exhaust system and more efficient cooling elements, its quad-turbo W-16 engine churns 1109 horsepower and 996 pound-feet of thrust.

Throw on the d’Oro, and as you can see, the wheels, grille, door handles, mirrors, fuel tank cap, headlight washer nozzles, and DRL borders get dipped in gold. There are even golden LEDs that shine into the cabin from the seats, door trims, and dash. Of course, the center console is laden in the gold color.

Luckily there’s only one in existence. Price? Well, if you really have to ask…

Source: Mansory