A Better Bull: Lamborghini Reveals 691-HP Aventador LP700-4 in Geneva

After both being teased and leaked ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini has finally given the go-ahead to pull back the cover on its latest super car: the Aventador LP700-4.

While some may call the Aventador LP700-4 more evolutionary than revolutionary in its aesthetics, there are still plenty of changes here from the outgoing Murcielago supercar. Overall the Aventador appears larger than its predecessor, with plenty of Reventon styling cues and a more rounded overall profile, despite its jutting front end. That outrageous bodywork is all crafted from carbon fiber a material that isn’t cheap, but is both lightweight and strong.

Underneath the shell, a pushrod front suspension design is trickle-down tech from all-out racing cars and the 6.5-liter V-12 engine is capable of a claimed 691 horsepower. Combine that with a relatively light claimed curb weight of 3472 lbs and all-wheel drive, and we’ve got a new Lambo which should be capable of running with some of the fastest production cars currently available.

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Source: Lamborghini