Marchionne: “Better than 50-Percent Chance” for a Jeep “Pickup Truck”

Rumors and speculation on a Jeep pickup truck have been floating around for years. According to a recent report, it seems Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is sold on the idea, but doesn’t want to label the vehicle as a truck.

In a remarkably candid discussion with journalists at the Detroit Auto Show, Marchionne said in a roundtable discussion that there’s a good chance the alleged future Jeep truck will enter production. was on scene to catch his remarks.

“I like that vehicle [2005 Gladiator concept],” said Marchionne. “I liked it the first day I saw it. There’s a better than 50-percent chance that you’ll get one. Regardless of what Ram says. They’re totally peeved off at the fact that we’re going to have anything that looks like a pickup truck with a Jeep badge on it. I actually think that there’s space for it.”

Based on the words of the head honcho himself, there appears to be some in-house sparring between the Chrysler Group’s two utility brands, which could lead to some interesting product plans down the line. Marchionne is currently calling the purported Jeep truck a “multipurpose vehicle,” but it’ll definitely have a truck bed in the back. As of now, the Wrangler remains the popular pick for providing the underpinnings.

“I said [yes] to a multipurpose vehicle out of Jeep,” continued Marchionne in response to a journalist query on the Jeep truck. “With something that they call a truck bed.”

Whether Marchionne calling it a truck or not, be sure to check back for future developments on this long saga involving the long-reputed Comanche successor.