Own a Piece of Bentley, Bond History for $1500

Ever dream of owning a meticulously crafted Bentley product for only $1500?

That dream could soon come true. However, don’t expect this new Bentley to take you anywhere but fantasyland.

In a unique collaboration between three of Britain’s iconic brands – James Bond, Bentley Motors, and Penguin Books – a special, limited edition of the new Bond book Devil May Care will be published on May 28. Written by Sebastian Faulks at the invitation of Ian Fleming Publications, 300 copies of the book will feature a Bentley leather-stitched, burnt oak design inspired by original 1950s and 1960s hardcover Bond books, as well as Bentley owner’s manuals and handbooks of that era. Inside the book, readers will also find a specially designed model pewter Bentley, which was described in detail by Ian Fleming in Thunderball.

Though Bond has more recently been seen driving Aston Martins and BMWs, the British spy has a history with Bentley Motors – Bond owned three Bentleys in the course of fourteen original novels written by Fleming. Therefore, to celebrate the centenary of Fleming’s birth, Penguin books and Bentley found it appropriate to release such a unique product.

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