Beijing 2012: Infiniti Stretches the M35h and M25 For China

Infiniti has been selling cars in China for five years, and now the Asian country is the second-biggest sales region for Infiniti cars. To appeal to the Chinese market even more, Infiniti is launching two long wheelbase versions of the M sedan: the M25L and the M35hL hybrid.
In China, many drivers seem to want long-wheelbase versions of cars. Such models offer more rear legroom and prove incredibly popular on the streets of Beijing. Nearly every non-Chinese car around can be ordered in a longer form, from the Volkswagen Passat to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class — and literally everything in between.
In the case of the Infiniti M, choosing the “L” treatment lengthens the car’s wheelbase grows by 5.9 inches to provide more rear legroom. In the process, the shape of the C-pillar changes and becomes a bit more curved. We think the M35hL’s haunches and silhouette now almost resemble those of the Porsche Panamera sedan. That might not be a good thing, as the Panamera’s styling remains fairly polarizing.
The Infiniti M35hL and M25L will be built in Japan and are only slated for sale in China. They go on sale in June.