Automakers Promote Products through Driving Schools

Automakers are finding that the best way to showcase a car is to let their market get behind the wheel. Several car manufacturers are now promoting their products through a series of driving schools throughout the United States that allow drivers to try out new models in a controlled environment; for a price, at least.

These classes consist of different lessons. Some are practical, such as winter driving, and others, like high performance driving, are more recreation-based. The efforts by the automakers seem to be paying off; BMW reports that 22 percent of the people who attended an event at its performance center in Spartanburg, South Carolina, bought a BMW car within three years.

BMW is certainly not alone though, a variety of auto companies, offering a variety of classes, have opened up these driving schools all over the country. Land Rover, for instance, offers some more affordable SUV-oriented classes, while Ferrari operates more expensive programs available only to current Ferrari owners.

Robert Davis, senior vice president of product development and quality at Mazda (that is now the sole sponsor of the Skip Barber Driving and Racing School) says that: “There’s simply no better way to promote the car.”

Source: Automotive News