Audis wheel mounted tuner control seriously rocks

Some drivers can listen to a single radio station for an entire trip. I admire them. Unfortunately, I am compelled to take a spin around the dial at every commercial break, and at every song I hate-which is a lot of songs. For the inveterate channel-surfer, Audi’s thumbwheel tuner control, located on the steering wheel, is nirvana. Pair it with Sirius satellite radio (130 channels!) and you can roll happily from one station to the next to the next.

It’s a very good set-up, but it would be even better if: 1. Switching between bands weren’t a multi-step process (because, hey, sometimes even 130 channels is not enough), and 2. Satellite radio music stations purged their DJs. I mean, the display already shows the artist and song title, so what’s the point of a DJ, except to spur further channel surfing?