Audi to build TT Speedster Exclusively for Middle East

Audi won’t be building its radical TT Clubsport Quattro concept for European or American markets – but it will for customers in the Middle East.

Car magazine spoke with Bernd Rosenbichler, Audi’s marketing chief for the region, who confirmed the chopped-top TT will be built exclusively for that market.; No more than 50 to 100 examples are slated to be sold.

The car remains true to the original TT Clubsport Quattro concept (pictured), originally shown at last year’s Worthersee enthusiast meet in Austria.; Although the windshield grew taller for production, the car will still sport the wrap-around glass and raked headrests of the original.

Also carried over from the concept is a distinct lack of a top – folding or otherwise – making the arid climate (and wealthy customer base) of the Middle East the ideal market for the speedster.

Source: Car