Audi Developing System to Tell Cars When Light Will Turn Green

Given the turmoil in today’s auto industry, it is somewhat comforting to see German carmakers will still devote absurd amounts of engineering resources to technological innovations.

Audi is hard at work on “Travolution,” a system that communicates with traffic signals and tells drivers how fast they should drive to minimize their time at red lights. The idea is to reduce congestion and wasted fuel. After investing two years and 1.2 million euros on the system, Audi has produced an A5 and an A6 Avant capable of communicating with three traffic lights in its hometown of Ingolstadt, Germany.

Audi hopes to expand the pilot program to 20 cars and another 50 traffic lights in Ingolstadt. There is no word yet as to when such a system could migrate to the United States, although “never” might be an appropriate guess.