Aston Martin Watch Unlocks DBS Sports Car

Love your Aston Martin DBS, but feel you’re still just shy of living the James Bond lifestyle?; Rather than resorting to a three-martini lunch or a promiscuous nightlife, try the Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 DBS Transponder – the watch that doubles as your DBS’s key fob.

Although the timepiece is supposedly designed to resemble the disc brakes and calipers on the DBS itself, the piece de resistance lies within its face.; Pressing on the translucent sapphire crystal surface lets the watch lock and unlock the car.; Splendid!; What’ll Q – or the folks in Gaydon – think of next?

Okay, so it’s almost more Dick Tracy than 007, but we’re betting gadget-obsessed DBS owners may show interest in the AMVOX2.; Certainly, they may be able to afford one – we hear pricing begins at a whopping $40,000…