Aston Martin One-77 Sold Out

When we first told you about the new Aston Martin One-77, we advised that, in spite of the $2 million price tag, interested parties should act quickly. Apparently, we were right: the limited-production supercar is completely sold out.

Though a hundred people applied for the chance to purchase the custom Aston, production is limited to seventy-seven examples. We’ve yet to see the car in its entire glory (some pieces were shown during the 2008 Paris motor show), but we’re told the car will ride on a carbon-fiber chassis, a hand-crafted aluminum body, and bespoke styling that’s more aggressive than contemporary Astons.

Powering the One-77 is a 7.0-liter V-12 engine, reportedly good for 600 hp and capable of moving the super-Aston from 0-62 mph in a scant four seconds.
Although the car certainly has its performance credentials, some suggest that most buyers will squirrel it away, treating it more as a piece of art than a proper super car. Still, for our sake – and the sake of any Aston enthusiast – we hope at least a few make their way to the Autobahn, racetrack, or (we’re really stretching now…) in a future James Bond flick.
Source: Luxvelocity


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