Aston Martin Launches Experience App with Speedometer, Hedonist Guides

Apparently even Aston Martin owners aren’t immune from the allure of the latest smartphone from Cupertino, as the automaker has launched a new app specifically for the Apple iPhone 4. Called “Aston Martin Experience,” it includes pseudo-telemetry features and an abbreviated version of “A Hedonist’s Guides” for 40 cities around the world.

One mode allows drivers to see and record the speeds and G-forces acting on their Aston while driving, thanks to the iPhone’s built-in accelerometers. The Speedometer function displays a graphical representation of an Aston instrument cluster indicating the iPhone’s — and thus the car’s — speed. The speedometer can be overlaid on a video recording, allowing users to create a telemetry-style video of their trip. Hopefully it will be used by passengers only — who would dare drive briskly while clutching an iPhone in one hand?

If you’re bored of your local byways, the Top Roads section highlights memorable driving roads and lets Aston owners “check in” via GPS when they drive in those locales. And if you’ve bought the app but have yet to purchase an Aston Martin, the Accelerator screen plays the engine notes of the company’s cars. How exciting!

The app is available for just $5.99 from the Apple App Store — a small price to pay, we suppose, if you’ve already forked over the cash for an Aston Martin car. It works, incidentally, with any vehicle, not just those from the British marque. Aston Martin Explore is a similar, free, app, though it lacks most of the fancy features described here and serves mainly as a photo gallery of Aston products.

Source: Aston Martin