Armor All Announces Custom Shield Coating Spray-On Film

Car-care product manufacturer Armor All has released a new type of vehicle protection film that it says could replace ugly, bulky fabric vehicle “bras.” The Custom Shield Coating is a spray-on film that will protect a car’s paintwork against rock chips and other damage for up to three months.

The water-resistant Armor All film is simply sprayed onto a car, where it solidifies into a thin protective layer. When the owner is ready to remove the film, it can be peeled off by hand — no tools are necessary, and the Custom Shield Coating leaves no residual marks on a car. Armor All says the film can be used on hoods, front fascias, rocker panels, or even wheels to protect from dirt and scratches.

In addition to a clear version that will be almost imperceptible, Armor All will offer the Custom Shield Coating in opaque black and white coatings. The idea is that owners can customize their car at the same time as protecting it, perhaps by applying racing stripes or spraying the coating through stencils.

Armor All Custom Shield Coating is available now online or at most major car parts stores. It starts at $16.99 per spray can.

Source: Armor All