Ariel Atom Offers New Windshield Option

Being the minimalist two-seat rocket it is, we love the 2008 Ariel Atom as it stands.; That said, customers who desire a bit of comfort can now opt for a full-sized windshield.

Reportedly the fruit of two years’ worth of intense R&D work, the windshield, made from laminated glass, is partially frameless.; Ticking the option box also adds a wiper arm and washer system (in true minimalist spirit, we hope it’s a Lucas-sourced two-speed wipe system).; As awkward as the windshield may be (in both looks and theory), it does allow occupants to blast down roads without wearing a full-face helmet.

The option is expected to cost approximately $2000 and is part of Ariel’s push to make the Atom appeal to a wider base of customers.; What’ll they think of next – body panels?