Another Lamborghini Concept Photo Emerges

We’re only a few days away from seeing the car in its entirety, but we’ve yet another teaser image of Lamborghini’s new concept car, set to debut at this week’s Paris motor show.

Following a series of images consisting of exhaust pipes, taillights, and a front fender, the folks in Sant’Agata Bolognese want you to see this: a headlight.; Although the tight shot offers little to the untrained eye, it does provide a few clues.

First, any doubts that this isn’t a front-engined car can be erased, thanks in part to that large air vent just behind the headlamp.; Second, the headlamp’s shape is drastically different than those used on both the Gallardo and the Murciélago.; It’s squat shape recalls lamps used on the original Lamborghini 350 GT, which was also a front-engine car.; Coincidence?; We think not.

There’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the car.; Some suggest it will be; a full-fledged four-door sedan, while other sources imply it’ll borrow the Espada’s layout, that of a four-passenger, two-door touring car.

We still aren’t even sure what to call it.; Urus?; Estoque?; Espada?; The rumor mill continues to turn, but we’ll know for certain in just a few days.; Stay tuned to Automobile Magazine for breaking news on the latest Lamborghini.