An Interesting Juxtaposition

Kermit the Frog meets a big, mean, orange, supercharged Mustang from Italy.

Yes, this blog may have started as a poor excuse to post this shot of Kermit being cute at the L.A. auto show. But it got me thinking about what Ford had going on at the show. On one hand they’ve got a little frog puppet-er, muppet-talking about how great it is being green. He’s sitting, of course, on top of the newly redesigned Ford Escape Hybrid, the savior of our worldwide ecosystem. But right next to him-right in front of him, actually, if we remember the show floor correctly-is the Giugiaro Mustang concept. Yes, it is the brightest shade of orange we’ve ever seen and was probably created in the basement of a top-secret nuclear weapon development lab. It also has a massive supercharger hiding under the hood, and HORSEHAIR SEATS! Seriously, they may as well have been frog skin. This Ford press conference struck me as the being the strangest dichotomy I’ve witnessed at an auto show. It’s totally fine to have different products to excite different buyers, but at least try to keep reveals to one focus per. Does anyone else agree, or am I just crazy here?

Special thanks to Eric McCandless for taking these great photos.