ALMS, Corvette, and Acura

The American Le Mans Series (ALMS) is coming back to Detroit this weekend. We had lunch at Pratt and Miller’s shop today, home of Corvette Racing, and learned a few things.

Well, we didn’t really learn that much concrete info but there was a lot of talk about the future in ALMS. We learned that Corvette Racing will announce their plans for the 2009 ALMS season in the coming weeks. If I was to guess, I would say that Corvette will move into the GT2 category so they can have some competition in ALMS. Presently, the team really only races against themselves and that isn’t fun for anyone. A move to GT2 would put Corvette up against Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford, Panoz and the forthcoming BMW M3 team. I hope the upcoming announcement agrees with my guess.

I also expect an announcement from Acura in the next week or so regarding their plans to run a LMP1 prototype in 2009. Presently, they run in the LMP2 category with Porsche as their main nemesis. My understanding is that Acura will pick one of their present teams to run an LMP1 car while the other teams will continue in the LMP2 category. Acura’s goal is an outright win at Le Mans and this is the first step. This too is great news for the ALMS as well as racing fans.

But moving back to Corvette, it was great to spend some time at their race shop today. The Pratt and Miller facility outside Detroit is fabulous and there is a great group of people that work there. The Corvette team may lack competition at the ALMS races but they run a program that shows they are ready to take on future competition. Hopefully a move to GT2 will happen and prove this.