Alfa Romeo to Celebrate 100th Birthday in Milan

Few automobile brands can claim to be 100 years old. To celebrate its upcoming 100th birthday, Alfa Romeo and the Italian Alfa Romeo Register (RIAR) will organize and host an international centennial celebration in Italy this June.

The birthday bash will take place in Milan, Italy, where the brand was founded on June 24, 1910. To accommodate owners and enthusiasts from all parts of the world, the rally will be held on a weekend: June 26-27. RIAR hopes to entice more than 3000 individuals to Milan.

On June 26, a donated statue will be presented to Milan to commemorate the Italian brand’s founding. The statue was inspired by the iconic Alfa Romeo 1900 Disco Volante and conceived by Alfa’s design studio with help from artist Agostino Bonalumi. A parade, dinner, and live music show make up the rest of the events for Saturday.

On Sunday, June 27, participants will take part in a record-breaking exhibition as they, once again, parade along the inner lane of the Milan ring road while being filmed by helicopter. This time, everyone will be wearing Alfa Romeo’s Biscione emblem. Throughout the rest of day, guided tours will be held at the Alfa Romeo Museum in nearby Arese.

Interested in purchasing tickets? All Alfa Romeo owners and enthusiasts are encouraged to visit to become a part of history. Registered Alfa Romeo owners will receive a special Centenary Kit.

Source: Alfa Romeo


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