Acura ZDX to Sebring: trip report

The trip was well worth it, albeit extremely long and tiresome. Departing Ann Arbor, MI at 1pm on Thursday, we rolled into Sebring, FL at 8pm on Friday. Our trip south to the 12 hours of Sebring took us 19 hours one-way and totaled 1261 miles; the ZDX averaged just 20.5 mpg, which is somewhat disappointing since the EPA rating is 23-mpg highway. Along our journey we saw 45 police cars, one BMW X6 in Florida, one BMW M3 E36 pulling a small fishing boat in Ohio, (couldn’t get the camera out in time), and ZERO ZDXs. We spent St. Patrick’s Day night at a bar in Knoxville, TN drinking green beer and watching March Madness, and every other waking moment driving.

After spending nearly two straight days in the funky crossover, we found a couple neat things that we never noticed before and the ZDX proved to be a pretty good road trip car. For example, the small cubbies on either side of the center tunnel by your knee are perfectly sized for cell phones or wallets. That’s great for long trips as it doesn’t clutter up the center console area. And past the skinny openings, the door pockets are extremely deep for all kinds of items like water bottles or trash; the leather seats proved to be supportive without being hard and uncomfortable, and although the fuel mileage was less than advertised, the largish gas tank kept our stops few and far between. Finally, I absolutely love the joystick navigation system, it’s so much easier to use than finicky touch-screen units.