24 Hours of Lemons: What Price Entry?

You’ve likely heard the Roger Penske quote that the best way to make a small fortune racing is to start with a big fortune. It turns out that Penske’s observation is true even in racing’s scrappiest series, the 24 Hours of LeMons. Senior web editor Phil Floraday’s misfit team (read: not bankrolled by this magazine) bought a $300 1987 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro wagon and then put in more than ten times that amount getting it ready to race. Result? They won the Index of Effluency (awarded to the team whose finishing position furthest exceeds judges’ expectations), turning the $5644 worth of parts, labor, and entry fees into a check for $1501.

1987 Volkswagen Quantum

Syncro wagon: $300.00

Roll cage: $2433.00

Brake rotors and pads: $300.00

Brake fluid: $35.00

Plugs, cap, rotor, oil filter: $138.00

Kill switch, hood pins: $94.00

Wheel spacers: $80.00

Fuel: $209.00

Lug bolts: $ 60.00

Transponder rental: $50.00

Electrical parts: $16.00

Battery cables: $16.00

Hub center rings: $16.00

Duct tape: $5.00

6 Falken Azenis RT-615K tires: $992.00

Entry fee: $900.00

TOTAL: $5644.00

Thanks for racing!