2015 Ford F-150 Stresses Aerodynamics As Much as Styling

Beefy looks that mean business have been a staple of modern trucks over the last two decades, particularly since the debut of the second-generation Dodge Ram in 1994. The 2015 Ford F-150 is no different, bearing the truck’s burliest face yet — but Ford says that the aggressive new looks run more than skin-deep. The 2015 Ford F-150 is also the most aerodynamic of any F-150 to date.

The biggest changes visible on the 2015 Ford F-150 are its squared-off edges and hard lines. Ford says that truck’s sharper, more dramatic lines actually make it easier for air to “cleanly detach” from the body, thereby reducing drag. A wrap-around bumper features a special “air curtain” design also employed on the 2015 Ford Mustang, in which a purposeful gap between the bumper and front fascia helps funnel air into the wheel wells.

The new vertical grille helps direct air past the headlamps and bumper, while the beveled front hood edge helps direct air toward the windshield and roof. The windshield is itself specially designed to be mounted flush, so the 2015 Ford F-150 can do without drag-inducing moldings. As air is directed to the side of the truck, the narrower cargo box means air can continue to flow toward the back of the vehicle, where carefully angled rear taillamps help reduce turbulence. A new tailgate top also acts as an effective rear spoiler.

Ford has not yet disclosed a drag coefficient figure for the 2015 Ford F-150, but claims that it is significantly more aerodynamic than either of the previous two generations of the F-150.

Check back soon for official fuel economy ratings for the 2015 Ford F-150, which should be released over the next few weeks along with complete options pricing. For now, you can learn about some cool new details incorporated into the new F-150, or click here to start figuring out which model you want in your driveway. The 2015 Ford F-150 starts at $26,615 including destination.

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2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150

MSRP $26,030 XL 2WD Short Bed Regular Cab


18 City / 25 Hwy

Towing (Max):

9,200 lbs.

Payload (Max):

1,910 lbs.