2015 BMW 228i Coupe Adds Track Handling Package

BMW launched the 2-Series earlier this year in the form of two distinct models—the affordable, more efficiency-minded 2015 BMW 228i, and the aggressive M235i performance car (pictured). With the new Track Handling package for the BMW 228i coupe, customers can now get the M235i’s precision handling and tautness, without spending more at the pump or the dealership for the six-cylinder engine.

The new Track Handling Package endows the 228i with a litany of performance upgrades previously restricted to the M235i. Upgrades include adaptive M adaptive suspension, 18-inch light-alloy wheels shod in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, M sport brakes with larger cross-drilled discs, and variable sport steering. Opting for the package will essentially get you the dynamic handling of the M235i without the greater power and lower efficiency of its larger engine.

Rated at 23/36 mpg (city/highway) when equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the 2014 BMW 228i offers impressive fuel economy considering the performance of its 240-hp, 2.0-liter turbo four engine. The M235i uses a 322-hp, 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six, but gets a thirstier 22/32 mpg rating when equipped with the same transmission. With a six-speed manual transmission there’s even greater disparity—the BMW 228i returns 22/34 mpg (city/highway) while the M235i gets only 19/28 mpg.

For the M235i’s aero body kit and interior trim you’ll likely still have to pony up $3000 for the M Sport Line on top of the $33,025 starting price for the 2014 BMW 228i coupe, including destination fees. There’s no official word yet on how much the Track Handling Package will cost, but it will certainly close the gap toward the $44,025 2014 BMW M235i. Customers will be able to add the package to any 228i coupe starting in July.

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