Watch This 2014 Scion FR-S Unleash A Slow-Mo Tidal Wave

There’s something inherently satisfying about doing the perfect burnout. Tires screech, smoke circles, and anticipation builds until you finally set off into the waiting distance. The only thing better, we imagine, would be surging forward into a huge puddle, fanning walls of flying water in each direction. Scion racing driver Ken Gushi did just that in a burnt orange, rear-wheel-drive Scion FR-S.

YouTube’s Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, prepare to catch the brunt of the towering tidal wave. Luckily for us, we toasty-warm and dry viewers get to enjoy the whole thing on video—in super slow motion. In the words of a certain Pet Detective, “let’s see that…in instant replay.”

Shod in skinny 17-inch Michelin Primacy eco tires, the slippery Scion FR-S is the perfect car for the burnout lover—even with modest torque and just 200 hp working for you from its 2.0-liter flat-four. At 2500 frames-per-second, we see the Scion FR-S slowly get going as the clutch is dumped and the wheels begin to rotate. Beads of water are flicked off into the air as a cloud of steam and burnt rubber coalesce, until the two-door sports coupe gets enough traction to jump off the line.

When it finally dives into the puddle, the Scion FR-S displaces buckets of water that radiate in all directions. The slow-mo camera captures each rippling wave of soaring liquid heading toward Gruchy and Free, which starts as a massive shower until it settles into a fine mist.

The Slow Mo Guys shot this video on a closed course with a professional driver. Nonetheless, we’d love to try it ourselves the next time we get our hands on the wily Scion FR-S. In fact, we like the FR-S so much that we just named it to our Automobile All-Stars list — for the second year running.