2014 McLaren P1 Official Performance Figures Released

0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds, 0-186 mph in 16.5 seconds.

We’ve known the wild new 2014 McLaren P1 was going to be bloody quick, but to celebrate the first customer-bound example rolling off the manual assembly line this morning, McLaren’s released some finalized performance metrics for its new flagship supercar.

By now, you’ve read that the carbon fiber-intensive McLaren P1 packs a powerful hybrid powertrain. A 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 provides 787 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque, but in concert with an electric motor, the driveline produces a whopping 903 hp. Considering the 2014 P1 tips the scales at just over 3000 pounds, that impressive power-to-weight ratio meant we could expect one fast ride.

Last we heard from McLaren, the 2014 P1 was allegedly capable of rocketing from 0-62 mph in “less than three seconds,” while a 0-124 mph blast reportedly took fewer than seven seconds, and a 0-186 mph pull would take no more than seventeen seconds.

According to these new “confirmed” figures, McLaren met each of those marks. The 2014 McLaren P1 officially scoots from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds. 0-124 mph can be pulled off in only 6.8 seconds, while a 0-186 mph blast takes only 16.5 seconds. McLaren’s testing says the 2014 P1 can fly through a quarter mile in 9.8 seconds at 152 mph. Top speed is listed at 217 mph, though McLaren says that figure is electronically limited.

How does that compare to some of the 2014 McLaren P1’s hybrid supercar competitors? We’re still awaiting finalized figures from Ferrari for its LaFerrari, but we do have some hard figures for the Porsche 918. Porsche’s hybrid super car is as quick to 62 mph as the McLaren, but the 2014 P1 is two-tenths of a second quicker to 124 mph than the 918, and, incredibly, some 6.5 seconds quicker to 186 mph. For those wondering how this stacks up against the P1’s spiritual successor, the McLaren F1, the 2014 P1 reaches 186 mph 5.5 seconds before the F1 does.

Fittingly, the 2014 McLaren P1’s performance is about as otherworldly as its acceleration, thanks in part to carbon ceramic disc brakes from Akebono. McLaren says the 2014 P1 can stop from 62 mph in 30.2 feet and 2.9 seconds. Braking from 124 mph to a standstill takes only 116 ft and 4.5 seconds, while a complete stop from 186 mph takes 246 feet and 6.2 seconds.

Looking for more fun with numbers? As we’ve previously reported, each 2014 McLaren P1 has a price tag of roughly $1.15 million. Each car is completely hand-built by a specialized team within McLaren comprised of 82 employees. Only 375 cars will be built, and the assembly process itself takes some 17 days – seven of which are devoted to the final assembly process. Although the first 2014 P1 has just rolled off the assembly line, McLaren is working to ramp up the assembly line’s pace so one car can be completed each day.