2012 Ford Focus Electric Configurator Launched, Pricing Starts at $39,995

Ford has just launched the online configurator for its new 2012 Focus Electric– the full-electric version of its redesigned Focus five-door hatch, giving us some insight into both pricing and available options for Ford’s C-segment electric hatchback.

Once destination charges are added in, the Focus EV matches the 2011 Chevrolet Volt’s $39,995 price tag. However, it’s important to note GM made navigation and the Bose audio system optional for 2012 on the Volt, lowering its entry price entry to entice more buyers. The Nissan Leaf comes in below the Focus, as the SV starts at $36,050, and the SL model begins at $38,100. All prices are do not include any federal and/or local tax rebates.

The Focus EV comes in one flavor and includes the latest and greatest of Ford’s technology and convenience features, including a Sony audio system with HD radio and SYNC with MyFord Touch and navigation. Six paint choices are optional; two colors, Candy Blue and White Platinum, are extra-cost, and tack on $395 and $495, respectively. Cloth seats are standard, and leather is an additional $995. Tick the right boxes, and Focus Electric pricing can rise up to $41,485.

Adding a comparable Bose audio system and navigation with back up camera brings the 2012 Volt up to $43,180 – $3185 more than the Focus EV. Adding special paint and leather to both cars can add another $999 to the price spread. The Leaf includes premium audio and navigation in its base SV package, which undercuts the Focus EV by $3945.

Nissan claims the Leaf can go 100 miles on a single charge. The Volt is capable of 35-40 miles per electric charge and the gasoline engine can extend the range up to 407 miles. Ford claims the Focus EV can go up to 100 miles per charge, although EPA figures are still pending.

After breaking down the numbers a couple of questions come to mind: Is the traditional-bodied Focus Electric worth more than the funky-looking Leaf for the same estimated range? Is the (slightly) cheaper Focus Electric better value than the Volt (when comparably-equipped) or does its range extender justify its higher cost?

Source: Ford