2011 Nissan Quest Teased On Eve of New York Auto Show

What’s happened to the Nissan Quest? It’s a question that’s vexed us for over a year since we first learned that it would be bumped from its production facility. Finally, back in January, we confirmed that it would be sitting out the 2010 model year and might or might not be back later. Now, thanks to a new teaser from Nissan, we can finally confirm that it will be back in 2011.

Officially, the Quest bowed out for 2010 due to congestion at the Canton, Mississippi, plant where it was built. Nissan said the Quest, Armada and Infiniti QX56 would all be phased out at Canton to make space for the new NV line of commercial vehicles. We were told that Quest and QX56 production would shift to Japan, while Armada was apparently left out in the cold. We couldn’t help but notice that sales for all three vehicles had also taken a serious hit in 2008.

Now, though, the Quest is back and presumably debuting in New York later this week. All Nissan will tell us at this point is that it will offer more functionality and comfort without sacrificing space or driving prowess. That, and it will go on sale in early 2011. Beyond that, what we know is what we can see, and what we can see is that while the last Quest looked something like a puffed-up Versa, the new one is based strongly on the 2007 Nissan Forum Concept. Though more restrained that the Forum, the new Quest clearly gets its front-end styling from the concept. The rest, though, will have to wait until the van officially debuts.
Source: Nissan