2011 Chevy Cruze Appears as Daewoo Lacetti Premier in Korea

While GM is making us live with the Cobalt until at least 2011, GM launched the Delta platform replacement in South Korea a year before Europe will get the car and at least two years before the U.S. does.

The Chevy Cruze (as it will be called elsewhere) launches as the Daewoo Lacetti Premier with the 140 hp, 1.6-liter engine shown at the Paris Motor Show. The engine reportedly gets more than 40 mpg highway thanks to a six-speed automatic transmission. While we won’t be seeing the Cruze for several years, this should at least give a realistic preview of the fuel economy it can achieve and continue to make Americans jealous as the rest of the world gets superior next-generation vehicles years before they come to the U.S.

Source: The Korea Times