2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R20T

Just when the sting of Volkswagen’s choice to not bring the aggressive-looking little Scirocco over to the U.S. had worn off, we get word of an even racier version in the works. This new more potent version will supposedly be called the R20T.

The R20T will be powered by the same 265-hp 2.0-liter turbo found in the Audi TT-S. However, there was no mention of whether the R20T would inherit the TT-S’s all-wheel drive system. Regardless of which wheels are driven, the extra oomph should be good for some sub-six second 0 to 60 sprints.

More aggressive styling will complement the R20T’s hefty boost in power. The R20T is said to possess 80 percent of the visual aggression from the GT24 racer pictured above. Picture the GT24 without the rear wing, front and rear splitters, and take off all the stickers and you’d just about have it.

Since VW still has not been convinced to bring the regular Scirocco to America, odds are that we will be missing out on this special performance edition as well. Those lucky Europeans should be able to pick one up in early 2010 for around £25,000 or about $37,915.

Source: CAR

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