2010 Opel Astra Interior Revealed

We thought Opel’s all-new 2010 Astra looked quite fetching, but as our mother warned us years ago, it’s what lies inside that counts. As it turns out, that’s true — new photos released by GM reveal quite a sophisticated cabin underneath all that swoopy bodywork.

It’s almost hard to believe the interior shown here lies within a compact car. Designers worked to bring the ambiance of the larger Insignia sedan into the smaller Astra. We dig the curvaceous center stack and door panels (both of which seem to be inspired by the Insignia, but clad in quite a bit of chrome) and we like how the red mood lighting glows beneath their edges.

Although the stitched leather, mood lights, and navigation system all suggest this to be a high-content model, the Astra sports an upscale cabin not typically found in this segment. Sadly, with lackluster sales of the current Saturn Astra, along with the sale of both Opel and Saturn to private parties, it’s quite unlikely we’ll ever sample this beauty in North America.