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2010 Nissan GT-R Premium – Four Seasons Update – April 2009

Long-Term 2010 Nissan GT-R Update: Spring 2009 Array Miles to date: 0

Time in Fleet: Six weeks
Miles to Date: 3381

One of the first things we asked our new road test coordinator, Mike Ofiara, to do after he started at Automobile Magazine was to take our to Dick Scott Nissan in Canton, Michigan, for its 1000-mile checkup, which went fine. Not a bad way to start a new job, huh?

Since our Four Seasons Nissan GT-R arrived in mid-March, we figured we’d make do with its stock summer rubber, even though we also knew that, living in Michigan, we probably hadn’t seen the last of the white stuff for the winter. Sure enough, on Monday, April 6th, Ann Arbor got dumped with about three or four inches of heavy, wet snow just in time for the morning rush hour. Web editor Phil Floraday was wise enough to check the weather report on Sunday night: “I had the GT-R for the weekend but ended up exchanging it at Joe DeMatio’s house for our Four Seasons Evo MR before the scheduled 3-6″ of snow started flying. These summer tires–255/40ZR-20 front, 285/35ZR-20 rear Bridgestone Potenza RE070Rs–would probably be deadly in the cold slush covering our streets.”

It’s now late April, and we think (and hope) that we won’t see any more snow here in Ann Arbor for another six or seven months, and we’re getting used to living with this, our second supercar in our Four Seasons fleet (after our ), on a daily basis. Speaking of the R8, we have a total of four months during which we’re gonna have both the mid-engined Audi exotic and the GT-R in our fleet. Yes, we are counting our blessings, and we’re also making comparisons. Assistant editor David Zenlea ponders the pairing:

“I would say that, in my subjective experience, our Audi R8 gets more attention from the common folk. Driving the R8 is like going on a date with Natalie Portman. She’s a beautiful movie star, and everyone knows you’re cool and important as they see you walking arm in arm down the street. Tooling around in the Nissan GT-R, on the other hand, is a bit like going to the movies with porn star Jenna Jameson. Not as many people are impressed, but those who are think you’re a god. I got one clear stare–from hooded teenagers in a –and their faces could not have been more filled with awe if Jesus Christ himself had descended on a cloud and landed on their hood.

“Any more comparison between our two Four Seasons exotics is moot. It’s not just that the GT-R blows the R8 away on the stat panel (0.8 second faster to 60 mph, 1.3 seconds faster through the 1/4 mile). The R8 is all about the exotic car experience–the sound, the look, the feel, the attention. The GT-R is the absolute embodiment of the import tuner culture. Yes, it looks a little like a Mitsubishi Eclipse wearing an entire rack of Pep Boys appearance mods. No, you won’t beat it in your cammed fourth-gen Camaro.”

Meanwhile, copy editor Rusty Blackwell, who recently became a father, is scheming ways to wedge his unsuspecting infant daughter, Riley, into this beast from the Far East:

“Riley’s baby seat fits in the back seat, but it doesn’t leave enough room for an adult to sit in the seat in front of her. Perhaps when Riley graduates to a front-facing seat the whole Blackwell family can take this car somewhere over a long weekend. The trunk is certainly large enough to hold ample gear for two adults and a baby.”

Give it a rest, Rusty! You’re screwed.


Base price (with dest.): $84,040
Price as tested: $87,320


Body Style: 2-door coupe
Accommodation: 4-passenger
Construction: Steel unibody


Engine: DOHC 24-valve twin-turbo V-6
Displacement: 3.8 liters
Power: 485 hp @ 6400 rpm
Torque: 434 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed dual-clutch transmission
Drive: all-wheel
Fuel economy: 16/21/18 mpg (city/hwy/combined)


Steering: Speed-sensitive power-assisted rack-and-pinion
Turns lock-to-lock: 2.4
Turning Circle:
Suspension, Front: Control arms, coil spring; adaptive dampening
Suspension, Rear: Control arms, coil spring; adaptive dampening
Brakes F/R: Vented discs, ABS
Wheels: 20 x 9.5 / 20 x 10.5 in (f/r)
Tires: Bridgestone Potenza
Tire Size: 255/40ZRF20 / 285/35ZRF20 (f/r)


Headroom F/R: 38.1 / 33.5 in
Legroom F/R: 44.6 / 26.4 in
Shoulder Room F/R: 54.3 / 50.0 in
Wheelbase: 109.4 in
Track F/R: 62.6 / 63.0 in
L x W x H: 183.1 x 74.9 x 54.0 in
Cargo Capacity: 17.7 cu ft
Weight: 3829 lb
Weight Dist. F/R: 53 / 47 %
Fuel Capacity: 19.5 gal
Est. Range: 350 miles
Fuel Grade: 91 octane

Standard Equipment

Front, side, curtain airbags
Push-button ignition with intelligent key
Reversing camera
Leather seats
GPS/hard drive system


-Super Silver Metallic Paint $3000
-iPod interface $400
-Carpeted GT-R logo floor mats $280