2010 Nissan Electric Cars: Batteries not Included

Carlos Tavares, Nissan Motor Corporation executive vice president for product planning and design has a unique vision for the future automobile market. The most relevant of his ideas right now is to sell electric vehicles…without batteries.

Nissan is planning on releasing its first all electric vehicle in 2010 in select markets. It will be for sale by 2012 in all world markets. The catch is that you won’t be able to buy batteries from Nissan. Nissan dealerships will have sources for the batteries that the owner will be able to lease the batteries from, so buying one of these cars will require signing a purchase agreement and a lease agreement.

The starting prices for the car itself are expected to be around what it costs to buy a conventional car today. With the monthly payment on the batteries, the total cost of the car may seem higher than purchasing a conventional car today. Tavares assures us that it is not, because the owner will not have to pay for gasoline. This is assuming, of course, that the monthly payment on the batteries does not exceed that of paying for one month’s worth of gas.

Further in the future, Tavares says that owners may be able to simply “buy access” to a group of vehicles, not unlike a time share. No one would own any particular vehicle, rather they would all have access to a garage of vehicles to drive depending on their needs for the time or their mood. A person could walk into the garage and pick out an SUV for a weekend at the lake with the boat or a sports car for a date.

Source: Automotive News


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