First Look: 2010 Lancia Ypsilon ELLE and Lancia Musa Audrey

If there’s one synergy we can spot between the Chrysler and Lancia marques, it’s a love for tarted-up special-edition models. Chrysler rolled out a number of such vehicles (the 300 S6 and S8, to name a few) at the Detroit show, and it appears Lancia will do the same during the 2010 Geneva motor show.

Lancia says the star of its booth (which will also showcase Chrysler products) is the Ypsilon ELLE, reportedly inspired by the glamour magazine of the same name. Apart from repeatedly stamping “je ne saurais vivre sans elle” (I could never live without her) on the car’s trim moldings, designers treated the car to a matte pink paint job, two-tone leather seating, and chrome interior trim. The special-edition model will be available in a limited number of European markets.

If that’s not dressy enough for your tastes, perhaps you’ll like what Lancia did to its Musa five-door subcompact. Reportedly inspired by an ad spot that featured Audrey Hepburn, the tarted-up Musa receives unique wheels, quilted white leather seats, and — of all things — a black vinyl roof treatment. At this point, the package is simply conceptual, but if it generates enough interest from the buying public, we doubt Lancia — which is desperate for sales — would hesitate to put it into production.

Check back for our Geneva auto show coverage beginning next week.

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