2010 Kia Soul Undisguised on Michigan Roads

I see plenty of battered pickups up by Fenton, Michigan – but I don’t often catch Kia prototypes roaming the freeway.; That changed the other night, when I briefly caught a 2010 Kia Soul cruising along M-23.

From a long ways back, I almost didn’t recognize the Soul.; Yes, I’ve seen the photos that Kia released before its upcoming launch in Paris, and I’ve also seen the Soul concepts from the 2008 Geneva show in person.; Still, from a few car lengths away, the car looks bigger and bulkier – perhaps almost like an SUV – from behind.

That may well be something Kia wants in the car, though.; Yeah, it’s a front-wheel-drive five-door hatchback, but the beefy C-pillars, chiseled fender forms and argent bumper guards make suggest it has some truck influence.; Think of a 21st-century Simca Matra Rancho, but with a lot less ground clearance.

I wish I could have snapped a few front-end photos as well, but upon realizing I held an SLR camera in hand, the driver sped right off.; Funny; you’d think if he were truly concerned about photography, all that camouflage so carefully strewn across the rear seat would actually be on the car.