2010 Ford Fusion Returns 41.1 mpg on Automobile Magazine’s 19-Mile Urban Test

Joe Lorio is in Los Angeles driving the 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid this week. While he isn’t allowed to share his detailed driving impressions with the rest of the world just yet, he is allowed to report on his average fuel consumption from the test. Joe was easily able to best the 39 mpg estimate for city driving by watching his speed and not accelerating too quickly.

With an average of 41.1 mpg on the 19-mile loop through urban Los Angeles, Joe returned the second best mpg figure in his group of drivers. We’ve seen lots of figures in the mid to low 40 mpg range around the ‘net the past few days, but nothing from anyone driving like a normal person would. Those 40+ mpg numbers sound pretty nice, though we wonder how many irate drivers were stuck behind the parade of hybrids. Surely our own Jason Cammisa would have been mighty upset if he were stuck behind the crowd.

I’m also in Southern California this week, but I’m driving a Jetta TDI equipped with the slick DSG transmission. My driving is a bit more highway-oriented, but that’s a relative term in Los Angeles. So far I’ve seen between 36 and 41 mpg, depending on how heavy traffic is. It’s worth noting that I’m just moving with the flow of traffic and not paying attention to the mpg display until I park the car.


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