2010 Chevrolet Agile – GM’s 2011 Ford Fiesta Competitor?

2011 is shaping up to be a big year for small cars. Today General Motors released the first sketches of the 2010 Chevrolet Agile, which will go into production for South America in the fall.

The compact Agile is a Ford Fiesta-sized hatchback, and with Ford finally bringing its subcompact entry over to U.S. shores, it’s not unrealistic to speculate that Chevy could bring the Agile (or at least a vehicle built on the Agile’s platform) to the U.S. as well. It had been suggested that the Chevy Spark will be built in GM’s Orion Township assembly plant, but rumors suggest a U.S.-spec Agile could also be manufactured in the facility.

The Agile was designed completely in Brazil for the Brazilian, Argentinean, Paraguayan, and Uruguayan markets, and will reportedly sport a high-quality interior and a tall seating position. On the exterior, the five-door adopts Chevrolet’s two-tier grille, and sports a bold shoulder line starting at the front wheel arch that stretches to the rear.

Kudos are in order for GM’s Brazilian team, because the Agile design is more attractive than any small car designs we’ve seen out of GM-Daewoo in… well, ever. GM hasn’t released any specifications yet, but since production isn’t very far down the road, expect to see them soon.

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