2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon

Cadillac looks to be stepping up their global game with the new CTS Sport Wagon. I’m just glad that the USA is getting the cargo hauler as well as I’m a wagon guy.

I just like wagons. My first car was a VW Rabbit GTI and I’ve been addicted to the functionality of hatchbacks and wagons ever since. In addition, I find that the wagon version of most sedans are better looking than the sedans that they’re based upon.

Now Cadillac has a CTS wagon. Most of the bold lines and dramatic curb appeal of the sedan come along for the ride. More importantly, it looks like buyers will be able to get the wagon with the top-spec, direct-injection engine hitched to a manual tranny. You can’t get a new A4 or the A6 wagon in the States with anything but an automatic transmission. Good for Cadillac to give enthusiasts a potentially sporty wagon with a hand shaker gearbox.

But the Dodge Magnum wagon failed. Will the same be true for Cadillac? The CTS wagon will be a niche car in the USA but it should help grow the brand in Europe. Once the new diesel V-6 hits the Euro market, I see some buyers on the other side of the pond looking at the CTS wagon as a distinctive alternative to the slightly boring German offerings. This may be a good thing for GM. We can only hope.

Maybe Mrs. Noordeloos would drive a Caddy? There should be plenty of room for the kids and their gear. I can only hope.


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