2010 British International Motor Show Cancelled

With the faltering economy and automakers receiving government aid, the 2010 British International Motor Show has been cancelled.

Paul Everitt, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which owns the rights to the events, said that the organizers didn’t want to plan a show amidst the uncertainty in the automotive world right now. For now, the show is on indefinite hold as it is uncertain when it will return.

“The manufacturers are all in the process of making redundancies, cutting salaries, cutting working hours, and trying to save money. It would have been foolhardy for them to come to us and commit to spending very significant amounts of money at such a time. Unsurprisingly, the people we asked all said they couldn’t commit, so we have cancelled,” Everitt said.

Everitt later said that the show will be back, but it is not known exactly when. “If there is an upturn in the next six months as sharp as the downturn in the past six months, then 2011 is possible. Realistically, though, it’s a date beyond that.”

Reorganizing the show for 2012 presents problems however, because it interferes with the London Olympics. That makes 2013 the earliest year we could realistically see the British Motor Show return.

The organizers are taking the time off as a chance to review the show and decide exactly how they would like to proceed with the next shows. They are going to discuss what the focus will be and are looking at possibly reorganizing the layout of the show for when it returns.

Source: Autocar