2010 BMW 760i and 760Li Revealed

BMW today released details on its all-new 760i and 760Li sedans, cementing its commitment to the V-12 engine despite a new worldwide focus on fuel economy and giving us the first bits of information regarding its eight-speed automatic transmission.

The BMW 760i and 760Li sedans will be powered by an all-new direct-injected V-12 engine that BMW says it has “developed as a completely new engine from the ground up.” The all-aluminum, twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter unit produces 544 hp at 5,250 rpm, and delivers max torque of 553 lb-ft from 1500 rpm.
BMW says that both sedans will reach 62 mph in 4.6 seconds, despite their 4,640- (760i) and 4,795-lb (760Li) curb weights. The 760Li is stretched 5.5 inches to better pamper rear passengers, although BMW says the 7’s unique design maintains the side profile view despite the extra length.
An eight-speed automatic transmission is also making its production debut on the 760 and 760Li. BMW says that the eight-speed “marks the starting point to a generation change in the area of power transmission systems” – presumably meaning they will be sticking this new transmission in other models pretty soon.
The German automaker claims the eight-speed only minimally increases in size and weight over the former six-speed, and makes up for that in efficiency. The new transmission allows drivers to engage the highest gear at “significantly reduced engine speed” more often, increasing fuel economy and enhancing the smoothness of the twelve-cylinder engine.
BMW’s press release didn’t mention cost or availability of the new 760 and 760Li. We’ll have to wait until further announcements are made to know if the 760i and 760Li will venture stateside, or if it will be delegated as a European-only model.