2010 Aston Martin Rapide Rear End Rendering Revealed

A new rendering of the 2010 Aston Martin Rapide, the first Aston sedan since the razor-edged Lagonda of the 1970s, has officially hit the web. We’re please to confirm the production car will be just as dazzling as the concept.

The stunning profile and rakish roofline of the Rapide make Porsche’s Panamera look like a mutant 911. The rear end has changed slightly from the concept and now seems to resemble that of the Vantage. The rear doors fit nicely into the body, proving that this isn’t just a stretched DB9. The glass roof flows almost seamlessly into the rear window, which transitions gently into the rear hatch.

The nose has a snarling guise that is unmistakably Aston. From the renderings, it appears the Rapide will wear the split spoke wheels from the DBS. The V-12 under the hood is likely to produce somewhere between the DB9’s 470 hp and the DBS’s 510 hp.

We can’t wait to see the sexy sedan in person when it officially debuts. From the looks of things, Aston Martin has built a sedan that James Bond would approve of.


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