Future Cars

2009 Volvo XC60

The small premium crossover segment is growing seemingly every day-the and being just a couple of the latest additions-and Volvo doesn’t want to miss this cash cow. The XC60 concept previews a production model that will be available at the beginning of 2009. Volvo sees it as the C30 owner’s step-up, promising that it will be just as exciting to drive as their new three-door hatch while offering more capability. Like the C30, the XC60 is “aimed at a lifestyle, not an age.” The clean and sharp lines, stylish glass rear hatch, and minimalist interior support that goal. It has features that everyone can appreciate too, with the most notable being a “City Safety” braking system that not only readies the brakes before a possible collision, but will actually brake automatically at speeds under 18.6 mph (30 km/h). Pretty cool stuff, but like Volvo admits, this segment is growing rapidly-is 2009 too late of an arrival time to find real success?