2009 Toyota Yaris Pricing Announced

For 2009, Toyota will offer the Yaris in three bodystyles: sedan, three-door, and five-door. The more doors you want, the higher the price.

Three-door liftback models start at $12,205 for a base model with a five-speed manual, sedan pricing begins at $12,965 with the same equipment. Both prices are about a $550 increase compared to 2008 models on sale now, even after Toyota raised Yaris prices by $200 in the middle of this year.

Opting for the five-door liftback, the newest model in the lineup, will set you back $13,305. All Yaris sizes are available with an automatic transmission and with S grade trim; opting for both on the five-door will cost $15,880. These prices do not include the destination charge, which currently stands at $720 for all Yarises.