2009 Renault R29 Formula One Car Unveiled in Portugal

With Honda out of Formula One for 2009, Renault is the last factory sponsored team to debut its 2009 Formula One car: the 2009 Renault R29.

In 2008, the Renault team had a disappointing start and is hoping to start the 2009 season on a brighter note. The 2008 R28 seemed to have some development work left at the beginning of the season. With in-season testing now banned, Renault needs to have all the bugs worked out of the 2009 R29 before the opening race in Australia.

The 2009 R29 is a completely new vehicle that complies with all the regulation changes for 2009. With every team competing with an all new design, the 2009 championship is truly up for grabs.

The 2009 R29 uses a 2.4-liter V-8 limited to 18,000 RPM, and will supply identical engines to Red Bull Racing. Other changes to the R29’s drivetrain include an updated 7-speed semi-automatic transmission and a KERS device. The chassis remains a carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb composite monocoque, which also uses the engine as a load-bearing structural component.

In addition to the regulation changes for 2009, the Renault team announced they will add a third driver for 2009. Romain Grosjean of France will join two-time world champion Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet behind the wheel.