First Look: 2009 Renault Electric Vehicle Concepts

Seeing as Renault is playing coy, this bird’s-eye-view is all we’ve seen of the French automakers electric vehicle concepts which will debut at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show.

We imagine Renault will take a similar design path with these EV concepts as it has in the past. The Be-Bop ZE concept was a thinly-disguised Kangoo Be-Bop, and some of these concepts seem to resemble existing production cars (the white concept, for instance, looks like the compact Twingo, while the blue car bears a likeness to the Megane sedan). Perhaps the wackiest is the microcar on the far left, which appears to be a single seat buggy for use in urban settings.

We’ll learn more come September 15, when Renault publicly unveils this quartet in Germany. Stay with Automobile Magazine for all the latest news surrounding Renault’s EV plans and other breaking news from the 2009 Frankfurt motor show.

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