2008 Peugeot RC… Concept

Mysterious they may be, but these photos, previewing a Peugeot concept debuting at the 2008 Paris motor show, were the best things that hit my inbox this morning.

Peugeot’s giving up little about the car, which it currently refers to as the “RC…”, other than it’s a four-door, four-seat gran turismo. We’d liken it to a French Chevrolet Volt – the car will also use what Peugeot describes as a “highly flexible hybrid architecture,” which produces up to 313 hp.

Styling wise, Peugeot thinks it bridges the gap between the RC ♠ and ♦ (yes, the names were actually symbols…) concepts of 2002 and the 908 RC concept shown in Frankfurt in 2006. We’ll know for sure how it looks in October, when the lights shine upon the “RC…” en Paris. Stay tuned to Automobile Magazine for the latest happenings surrounding the Peugeot and other debuts at the Paris show.

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